How are you feeling? Open your eyes, what do you see? Do you know the difference between a crescent and a full moon? Why are you doing all of this? How eager are you to skip this phase? I want you to tell me about before. Are you on good terms with your emotions? Does this make you a liar? What do people think of this? Elaborate. Would you do this all over again? What makes you think this will eventually work out? You saw it all vanishing before your eyes, how hard did you try to put back the pieces together? Is the truth masked, or is it your mind? Describe to me a distinctive relationship between a puppet and its puppeteer. Tell me about two things that made you feel alive. How many nights did you fall asleep to the reminiscence of his scent? List down all the irrational decisions you wish you had the courage to make. Are you still trying to fix him? How many times have you seen his face in other people, or looked for it? Do you agree that you should understand yourself before starting to analyZe him? Do you want there to be an exit? Did you ever see this coming? Are you happy?