"ROOTED" - 2019

“Rooted” is a photo-series and collage artwork that stems from common ideologies revolving around the notion of similarities between a mother and a daughter. I applied this concept to the construction of my own relationship between my mother and I - dissecting middle ground elements such as personality, characteristics and mannerisms. The conceptual approach I took over throughout the making of this artwork stemmed solely from  a research-based process, it was essential for me to move forward with the process rather than being keen on providing myself with answers - the most vital factor was observation and not conclusion, questions being raised and not answers. The ideologies and perceptions surrounding these theories are common, but are they a result of societal creation or involuntary learning? Do we protect ourselves through this notion (unconsciously) or does human-nature create it as a self-defense mechanism? Whether this or the latter, there is no denying that a strong connection always exists between a mother and a daughter, and this is nothing but a mere exploration of parts of me, who I am - now and after.